Media Broadcast

We understand that you want a turnkey solution. We also see the value in looking at a project from all angles, and the importance of thinking about utilizing today’s new tools to distribute your message. With our unique 360° approach we take into account today’s new distribution tools, and we focus on helping you to produce professional audio & video content that tells your story as you leverage these new avenues.

Creating compelling content requires attention to detail, expertise on a number of fronts from location set-up to equipment, lighting, shooting, and of course editing… Wallace Media has the experience to help you professionally cover all of the bases. With our 360° approach we’ll start at the beginning by listening to your ideas, while getting a sense for the style you want to shoot, and the content you want to capture. Throughout our creative process we’ll collaborate with you to develop an outline of the media you want to produce, noting key audio and visual cues. Once we’re on-site, we’ll professionally produce and direct our team to capture your story as outlined.

We’ll also work with you to figure out how to integrate the content with your PR & Marketing efforts and identify new social media distribution opportunities that will help you distribute your message. Since today’s audiences are increasingly dispersed using all the tools you can to share your message, will help you reach them wherever they may look for you from the desktop, to their mobile phones, during Google searches, in their email inbox and in rich media directories such as iTunes and YouTube.

We love what we do, and we love seeing the results from our efforts. Your success is our success…reach out to us today and we can discuss your project in detail. At Wallace Media our mission is to craft a solution for each project that empowers you to leverage our custom audio & video service to further your PR & Marketing goals. Our experience has led to the development of the Wallace Media Five Step Process, which ensures that we meet the high expectations of our clients whether we are producing an audio podcast series, a corporate video, or any other type of custom media. These five steps represent a 360° approach to thoroughly producing and completing any of your marketing or publicity needs.